Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Saxe-Bearstein officers of observation

Two officers of the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein are currently journeying to observe the upcoming campaigns in Schwabia. They are:Major Ernst von Maltz (son of Brigadier Dieter von Maltz)Captain Otto von Pilsner (grandson of General Baron Helmut von Pilsner). As to the nature of the officers, Furst Bruno von Ursa wrote,"As you can see they are both from distinguished military families and you may expect them to behave in a manner befitting their bloodlines."
When told of the Observation officers, Prinzessin Maria Athena directed her uncle General Leopold Tiberius Flatsburg to begin preparations to receive the two officers and see to their lodgings and welcome.

Thursday, January 21, 2010












Prince August molds arrive

The Prince August molds arrive. I am amazed by the swift delivery from Ireland considering the state of snail mail. I am surprised that my molds are not in a bomb container till they determine what the package is. Anyone ordering from Prince August should be aware of their quick and courteous service. My order was made online late Friday night. On Monday I received an email confirming my order and the amount to be charged once the conversion from Euros to Dollars was made. A couple of weeks of waiting and my molds are here. Let the pouring begin.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

David Linienblatt has been awarded the Cross of Flatsburg by Prinzessin Maria Athena

Sir David Linienblatt has been awarded the Cross of Flatsburg by Prinzessin Maria Athena in recognition of his aid to Flatsburg and the Schwabian League. "His talents have been instrumental in the building of the army" proclaimed Prinzessin Maria Athena to the Schwabian Council as she announced the award.

King Leopold IV of Wittenberg has been awarded the Cross of Flatsburg

King Leopold IV of Wittenberg has been awarded the Cross of Flatsburg by Prinzessin Maria Athena. The Prinzessin has followed the activities in Wittenberg and hopes the League will be as resilient. With Wittenburg NE of the border of the Schwabian League, good diplomatic and trade relations need to be maintained. Prinzessin Maria Athena offers the exchange of diplomatic and trade diplomats between our respective lands.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Schwabian recruitment begins in earnest

TO: Schwabian League Council of Ministers
FROM: Prince August, Schwabia's Director of Recruitment
In accordance with my official duties, I must announce that the call for recruits to bring our forces to war strength has been put in motion. I expect the recruits to arrive for muster and training within 6 to 9 weeks. I am pleased to state that in preparation arms and uniforms are being gathered at a steady pace. The gathering and training of horses for cavalry, artillery and supply transport is progressing at a rapid rate. I am told by the Director of Supply that the magazines are ready to supply our troops in the field and supply any mobile depots that may be needed. I know that this is the first time Schwabia has mobilized in many years but the signs from Harzburg clearly show the the operations in the spring will not be the normal skirmishes.I am available either in person or by post to answer any future questions.
Prince August, Schwabia's Director of Recruitment

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Major General Seumus Campbell awarded the Cross of Flatsburg

Prinzessin Maria Athena of Flatsburg awards Major General Seumus Campbell the Cross of Flatsburg for his knightly virtues and gracious acts toward Flatsburg. Holders of the Cross are expected to uphold the highest of knightly ideas and behavior in their public and private lives.


Prinzessin Maria Athena von Flatsburg bestows upon Reich Duke Wilhelm of Beerstein the Cross of Flatsburg. Holders of the Cross are expected to uphold the highest of knightly ideas and behavior. The Prinzessin is honored to award her first cross to Reich Duke Wilhelm for his upholding the knightly virtues and his gracious acts toward Flatsburg. His offer of aid in these times of trouble is deeply appreciated and should Beerstein have need, Flatsburg and the League stand ready to render what aid is needed.

Sad news from Flatsburg and Harzburg awakes

Prinz William Augustus von Flatsburg died during the night of 9 January. 7 months ago Prinz William suffered a stroke and fell from his horse during a hunt. Prinzessin Maria Athena, last legal heir of Flatsburg has with the aid of her uncle, conducted the day to day governance and diplomatic duties of Flatsburg. Her uncle, General Leopold Tiberius Flatsburg, recieved word of his investment in the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard by Reich Duke Wilhelm moments after he recieved word of his brothers dealth. Prinzessin Maria Athena assumes control of Flatsburg in accordance with the Act of Succession agreed upon by treaty with the Schwabian League and with support of the Emperor for the leagues support of the Pragmatic Succession. The Prinzessin will continue Flatsburg’s leadership in opposing Harzburg. Prinzessin Maria Athena's first official act was to send thanks for the award her uncle recieved and the offer of the Reich Duchy of Beerstein to establish diplomatic relations and Ambassador Graf Osterdorf is invited to pay an official visit.

Herzog Fredrick von Harzburg Has been waiting for this opportunity. With the death of Prinz William Augustus, a claim can be made on Flatsburg, as no mere girl can be allowed to rule Flatsburg. Either she will be deposed or forced to marry one of his sons for the time is now to seize Flatsburg. With Flatsburgs leadership gone, Harzburg can force the breakaway lands to swear oaths of feality to Harzburg.
Harzburg has long engaged in military operations against the the “breakaway lands“. Before becoming the Herzog of Harzburg, an oath “to crush the breakaway states and absorb them” is taken with hand on the HOLY BIBLE. Only after the oath is given is the new Herzog proclaimed to the assembled attendants.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Report from the Reich force

To General Leopold Tiberius Flatsburg
Schwabian League defense forces
From Brigadier General R.A. Whitfeld
Commanding Schwabian Reich Force
I am pleased to inform you that Maria Therresa has graciously consented to the Schwabian Reich Force’s return home. Our duty was appreciated and as the winter road conditions are abominable, I have been given papers which will allow for the drawing of Reich supplies along the route of march.
I will not be pressing the march unduly, as I want the force to be able to march directly into battle upon arrival. If conditions are dire, I will speed up the march when informed. If conditions do not change I expect to arrive by April.
Yours Faithfully
RA Whitfeld
Brigadier General
Schwabian Reich Force

Recruitment in Schwabia

The states of the Schwabian League though small recognize the need for a standing field force. As the leading state Flatsburg has raised a line regiment and a Lieb regiment that moves out when the Reich forces from the other smaller states is activated. The League must keep a field force equal to the field force of Harzburg. Each spring when the campain season starts the League must be ready to counter Harzburg's efforts to crush the League's independence. The smaller states provide financial and materiasl support. Their contributions of men and finances support 3 Reich regiments which have been releases from Imperial service and are expected to arrive in time for the new campain season. Harzburg has been quiet, but with the present conflicts spilling over the League feels that Harzburg will begin again its hostile takeover efforts.
The 4 squadrons of horse and 4 of light horse are held by Flatsburg. They are raised from volunteer recruits from the entire League. The 3 batteries of field artillery are also made from professional volunteers with some of the best coming from the Prinzapality of Greifdorf.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Feeiherr of Adlerzwillinge

Graf of M├╝hlehaus

Prinzapality of Greifdorf

Prinzapality of Flatsburg

Modified images from

Infantry of the 4 main Schwabian League States

Graf of M├╝hlehaus

Line infantry

Blue coat with yellow collor, cuffs ans turnbacks.

Dark yellow vest, pants and white leggings.

Prinzapality of Greifdorf
Line infantry
Light Blue coat with white cuffs, collor, and turnbacks.
White vest, pants and leggings.

Feeiherr of Adlerzwillinge

Line infantry

Red coat with red collor, white cuffs and turnbacks.

White vest, pants and leggings.

Prinzapality of Flatsburg

Line infantry

White coat with red cuffs, collor, and turnbacks.

White vest, pants and leggings.

Prinzapality of Flatsburg

Lieb infantry

Red coat with white cuffs, collor, and turnbacks.

Red vest, white pants and leggings.
Not By Appointment provided the templates which were colored to the Imagination states uniform scheme.