Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have finaly completed enough of the map of Schwabia to post it.

It is just the basics and I am slowly going to make additions.

I have modified David Linienblatt's city templates for this map.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New League battle flag

The Council stood as Maria Athena entered flanked by her ministers.  "There is little time for formalities, lets get to work," Furstin Maria Athena began the meeting. "Today we finalize the formal addition of a League battle flag.  Our old standard showed the flags of our four states but represented no other entity. After negotiations I have concluded, we now need to modify our standard. I ask the Council to approve the addition of the ancient Schwabian emblem of unity. The red eagle on a white field added to our standard to represent the Schwabian states who actively support our endeavors.

The smaller Schwabian states have granted me the right to recruit in their territories in return for protection and no trade duties for trade within Schwabia. As the revenue that could be lost is negligible, the ability to raise additional troops is of greater value.  The trained recruits available will allow Flatsburg to add four regiments of infantry and two horse grand squadrons for this springs campaign.  I now call for the Council's approval."

Furst Ludwig von Greifdorf stated, "Furstin, I concur with your decision and I urge the Council to approve your request."

"I concur and ask for an imediate vote," Graf Gustav von M├╝hlehaus said.

Feeiherr Albrecht von Adlerzwillinge raised his voice and said, "Let us vote as a unanimous vote is assured."

Furstin Maria Athena began speaking again, "Well gentlemen, I call for a vote. All opposed to the measure let them speak." Dead silence till the Furstin resumed, "All for the measure." All members loudly affirmed their support. "Very well the new battle standard is approved and Seamstress es will begin the work of providing one for each regiment of infantry.  Now let us hear from the Finance Minister on the cost of supply transport."