Thursday, April 1, 2010

Zwilling-Eichen 1

To Hauptman Fuchs
Schwabian Jaeger company stationed at

From General Leopold Tiberius Flatsburg
Schwabian League defense forces


You are herby ordered to reconnoiter the Smugglers Ford and keep it under close observation. Your scouts must not, repeat, must not cross the river and engage the Harzburg forces. Your scouts must operate in teams that always have an over watch so any surprise attack on the foreword scouts will be seen by the over watch scouts.

You will be placed in temporary command and your Jaegers not on patrol will aid in the building of works. The militia will be under your command and their commander your second in command. The militia company at Zwilling-Eichen is to throw up embankments to fortify the position. A battery will be arriving soon and you need to have prepared positions for the guns.

It has been decided to oppose the Harzburgrers as close to the border as possible. Zwilling-Eichen will be the foreword base in the defense of Muhlehaus in the upcoming campaign season. It has been decided to store supplies and provide a protected base for field forces at your location.

Dispatch riders will begin to arrive daily at your location. You are directed to prepare daily reports on the progress and descriptions of the works built. The gathering of troops is coming along but the recent activities of our neighbors has drained some of the most adventurous men and professionals looking for employment. The saving grace is that Harzburg seems to be having the same problems and with tension in Frankszonia building, they will need to keep troops to secure their northwest border.

General Leopold Tiberius Flatsburg
Schwabian League defense forces

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