Tuesday, November 23, 2010


30 October, 1750/2010 Battle of Hoffmanns Farmstead

20 November, 1750/2010 Battle of Zwilling-Hügel

30 October, 1750/2010 Battle of Hoffmanns Farmstead
Disordered by MUHLEHAUS REGIMENT routing through them with THALBER’S in pursuit.
Lost their flag in melee to THALBER’S REGIMENT when they routed

20 November, 1750/2010 Battle of Zwilling-Hügel


30 October, 1750/2010 Battle of Hoffmanns Farmstead
20 November, 1750/2010 Battle of Zwilling-Hügel

30 October, 1750/2010 Battle of Hoffmanns Farmstead
Lost their flag in melee to THALBER’S REGIMENT as they routed through
FLATSBURG REGIMENT disordering them with THALBER’S in pursuit

20 November, 1750/2010 Battle of Zwilling-Hügel





30 October, 1750/2010 Battle of Hoffmanns Farmstead
20 November, 1750/2010 Battle of Zwilling-Hügel




30 October, 1750/2010 Battle of Hoffmanns Farmstead
Defeated the AUBACH DRAGOONS in melee and captured their flag after routing them

20 November, 1750/2010 Battle of Zwilling-Hügel
Defeated by the Aubach Dragoons in melee and lost their flag after being eliminated





Friday, November 12, 2010

Heinrich Kohl writes home

Dear Mom and Dad

I am writing to let you know I am fine. You might have heard the news of our battle with the Harzburgers at Hoffmanns Farmstead.  I am proud of the way Hauptman Fuchs lead us during the battle. We used our training to flank the enemy line and pour fire into their infantry. We managed to move into some woods and fire on their battery.  The company did not suffer many casualties and we are at full strength scouting the enemies movements. I will write again soon.
Your son

Mom thanks for the socks. Having spare dry socks gives a Jaeger healthier feet.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dire news

The Schwabian council had just finished the days business when a messenger entered and handed General Leopold Tiberius von Flatsburg a report.  "Please give me a moment before this meeting is adjourned." The General opened the bag and read the report,

To General Leopold Tiberius von Flatsburg
From Brigadier von Fitzbach


I must report the failure of our forces to stop the occupation of Hoffmanns Farmstead by the Harzburgers. Though our troops were eager to fight the battle went against us. 

Our cavalry fanned out ahead of our infantry as we entered the field from the Zwilling-Eichen road. The Flatsburg Dragoons charged the Aubach Dragoons and routed them after a lengthy melee capturing their flag. The Furstins Horse went to the other side of the Farmstead and was engaged  by the Klineberg Dragoons.  They were bested and their horses bolted, no rider was able to control his mount and their standard was lost. The Klineberg Dragoons withdrew and cleared the field for their infantry. The Flatsburg Dragoons, having lost 2 thirds of their forces, retired behind our infantry.

The Adlerzwillinge battalion formed up to the west of Hoffmanns and the Muhlhaus battalion formed to the east with their 3lb gun.  The Adlerzwillinges were engaged in a firefight by Fenstermacher's battalion and the Muhlhausers fought Thalbers regiment.

Fuchs Jaegers flanked Fenstermacher's battalion to aid Adlerzwillinge in the firefight. Both line battalion suffered heavily but neither broke. The both fought till they were under half strength.

The Muhlhaus battalion engaged the Thalber battalion as they advanced.  When Thalbers got close the Muhlhaus battalion charged them.  Thalbers fire plus the fire from the Sansback converged grenadiers weakened the Muhlhaus battalion prior to melee.  Losing the melee caused the Muhlhaus battalion to rout losing their standard.  They routed through the Flatsburg battalion causing them disorder. Thalber charged them and routed them and captured their standard. Flatsburgs rout through the Furstins battalion and the failure of Flatsburg grenadiers to drive the Harzbach grenadiers from Hoffmanns Farmstead, forced me to order our forces to withdraw.

I am withdrawing to Zwilling-Eichen to gather replacements and draw up a defensive plan. I await your reply and advice. I have two infantry under half strength and two with minor losses. The cavalry is shot and must be replaces with new squadrons.

Your humble servant

Brigadier von Fitzbach

General von Flatsburg reported the news to the council and they debated the ramifications long into the night.
Finally Furstin Maria Athena called the meeting over, "Gentlemen, I am calling an end to this meeting.  Let each of us prepare a response to this defeat and we will gather here tomorrow at noon. Any objections," silence greeted her, "good I will see you here at noon.  WE are adjourned." 

Pictures available at      http://nomadicoldschoolgamer.blogspot.com/2010/10/hoffmanns-farmstead.html

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Council meets

The Council stood as Maria Athena entered flanked by her ministers.  "There is little time for formalities, lets get to work," Furstin Maria Athena began the meeting with her late fathers usual call to order.  "Gentlemen the diplomatic front has opened up and the Bourbons will be very busy.  I have been informed that Sicily has broken free of the Bourbons under King Joseph. They join the Principality of Catalonia in tying up the diplomatic attention of the Bourbons. I am announcing that King Joseph of Sicily will be awarded the Cross of Flatsburg and I want a unanimous consent to the League recognizing the Kingdom of Sicily."

Furst Ludwig von Greifdorf stated, "Furstin, I concur with your decision and I urge the Council to recognize the Kingdom of Sicily."

The rest of the Council and Ministers added their unanimous consent. Minister of State Ferdinand von Adlerzwillinge announced, "I shall begin the diplomatic process and prepare a diplomatic mission to Sicily at once.  As we have more armaments than men, if requested may offer material aid?"

After all gathered had a chance to state their opinion Furstin Maria Athena called for a vote. "Gentlemen as I see we are all of the same mind, Minister Ferdinand, you may give material aid if they request it. I want you to see to the diplomatic anouncement at once. Now gentlemen we have many matters to cover."

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Council Meeting

As the doors swung open, the gathered men stood and bowed their heads at the young woman as she entered the Leauges council chamber.  "There is little time for formalities, lets get to work," Furstin Maria Athena noticed the men's heads jerk at hearing the familiar call to order used by her late father. Her chair at the head of the table is pulled out by her uncle, General Leopold Tiberius von Flatsburg.  Once she was seated, Furstin Maria Athena Began the meeting, "Gentlemen the news from Zwilling-Eichen is grave.  I turn to General von Flatsburg for the particulars."

"The situation at Zwilling-Eichen has been grave but stable for some time since our Jaegers raid.  The information gained has allowed for our forces to gather and plan for contingencies. Brigadier General R.A. Whitfeld has brought the troops on loan to Maria Theressa back and is stationed to the south.  As you all know,  the gathering of recruits is going slow as most of the adventurous recruits in the surrounding lands have gone to Frankszonia and Whittenburg. Reports have confirmed that Harzburg is also having trouble raising it's forces to war levels. Our saving grace is the diplomatic situation of Harzburg.  They have not been able to secure assurances and thus have to activate their reserve battalions before beginning offensive operations.  Our information leads us to believe that reinforced raids  will be conducted before winter brings operations to an end."

" Gentlemen I wish to take this time to announce the awarding of the Cross of Flatsburg to Brigadier General R.A. Whitfeld for his service to Flatsburg, the Leauge and the Empire." Furstin Maria Athena continued, "I recieved a favarable report of our troops recent opperations from the Empire. With their return our borders are secured.  Harzburg's ability to tie up our active troops and strike with its free troops is now ended."

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cross of Flatsburg

Brother James, of the augustinian monastery of Alt-Wittendorf, is awarded the Cross of Flatsburg.  Furstin Maria Athena von Flatsburg recognizes Brother James for his tireless efforts and devotion to duty. May he receive the richly deserved praise and attention for the work efforts have produced.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Heinrich Kohl writes home

 Dear Mom and Dad,

I am well and excelling in my training. I have been in a small action with the Harzburgers. We brought back lots of papers and suffered no loss. I am sorry for not writing sooner but we have been kept busy. Our post is to be the forward post in the coming conflict. When we are not building or improving emplacements we are on patrol.

Mom, I wish you would start knitting me some wool gloves and socks. I am told we Jaegers will be active even when the snow is deep. I am unsure when a pass will let me come home for a visit.

Dad since there is so much work I have no time or place to spend my pay. I am sending you the money I have saved. Unterleutenant Reinhardt helped me get the banknote enclosed with this letter. The money is for you and Mom to pay bills since I am not there to help with the work.

I wish I could say more but our letters have to posses no military information that could get out.



Thursday, August 26, 2010

SCHWABIAN LEAUGE Forces for the upcoming battle


Thanks to David Linienblatt at Not By Appointment for his templates which I have modified.  http://nba-sywtemplates.blogspot.com/

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Muhlehaus Regiment

The MUHLEHAUS REGIMENT is ready, having been painted by Jay Stribling.

The Muhlehaus Grenadiers Show their new uniforms.

The Muhlehaus Line and Battalion gunners show off their uniforms.

A closeup of the the Muhlehaus line.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Schwabian Reich Force report

To General Leopold Tiberius Flatsburg
Schwabian League defense forces
From Brigadier General R.A. Whitfeld
Commanding Schwabian Reich Force


Maria Therresa's gracious consent for the drawing of Reich supplies along the route of march has been a blessing. The abominable weather and road conditions along our route of march has slowed to that of a snail. The only blessing is that we have accepted many volunteers to the colors and our reinforced regiments should counter Harzburgs plans.

I am swinging to the South so as to protect Southern Schwabia and threaten Harzburg at the same time. I am early enough on this course that upon your order I could be directed to a place you feel is more deserving of our presence.

Faithfully your humble servant
RA Whitfeld Brigadier General
Schwabian Reich Force

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tonights painting 8 APRIL

Flatsburg infantry receives their red collars, turnbacks, and cuffs

Flatsburg musketeers

The grenadier company

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tonights painting 7 APRIL

The gleaming white coats of the Flatsburg Infantry

The flash sure reflects off their white coats

Finally was able to get better pictures.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Schwabian Jaegers

Schwabian Jaegers now with their green coats and pants; brown haversack and musket stock; black ammo box, shoes, leggings, and hat.