Friday, September 24, 2010

Heinrich Kohl writes home

 Dear Mom and Dad,

I am well and excelling in my training. I have been in a small action with the Harzburgers. We brought back lots of papers and suffered no loss. I am sorry for not writing sooner but we have been kept busy. Our post is to be the forward post in the coming conflict. When we are not building or improving emplacements we are on patrol.

Mom, I wish you would start knitting me some wool gloves and socks. I am told we Jaegers will be active even when the snow is deep. I am unsure when a pass will let me come home for a visit.

Dad since there is so much work I have no time or place to spend my pay. I am sending you the money I have saved. Unterleutenant Reinhardt helped me get the banknote enclosed with this letter. The money is for you and Mom to pay bills since I am not there to help with the work.

I wish I could say more but our letters have to posses no military information that could get out.




  1. I suppose that he intended this letter to reassure his folks as to his safety . . . they'll be the forward unit, will be fighting throughout the winter without proper clothing and "here's my pay in case I don't survive" . . . yeah, very reassuring . . . Mom's REALLY worried now.

    -- Jeff

    PS, I liked it. More letters, please.

  2. I like the letter too- more of the same please!