Thursday, September 30, 2010

Council Meeting

As the doors swung open, the gathered men stood and bowed their heads at the young woman as she entered the Leauges council chamber.  "There is little time for formalities, lets get to work," Furstin Maria Athena noticed the men's heads jerk at hearing the familiar call to order used by her late father. Her chair at the head of the table is pulled out by her uncle, General Leopold Tiberius von Flatsburg.  Once she was seated, Furstin Maria Athena Began the meeting, "Gentlemen the news from Zwilling-Eichen is grave.  I turn to General von Flatsburg for the particulars."

"The situation at Zwilling-Eichen has been grave but stable for some time since our Jaegers raid.  The information gained has allowed for our forces to gather and plan for contingencies. Brigadier General R.A. Whitfeld has brought the troops on loan to Maria Theressa back and is stationed to the south.  As you all know,  the gathering of recruits is going slow as most of the adventurous recruits in the surrounding lands have gone to Frankszonia and Whittenburg. Reports have confirmed that Harzburg is also having trouble raising it's forces to war levels. Our saving grace is the diplomatic situation of Harzburg.  They have not been able to secure assurances and thus have to activate their reserve battalions before beginning offensive operations.  Our information leads us to believe that reinforced raids  will be conducted before winter brings operations to an end."

" Gentlemen I wish to take this time to announce the awarding of the Cross of Flatsburg to Brigadier General R.A. Whitfeld for his service to Flatsburg, the Leauge and the Empire." Furstin Maria Athena continued, "I recieved a favarable report of our troops recent opperations from the Empire. With their return our borders are secured.  Harzburg's ability to tie up our active troops and strike with its free troops is now ended."

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