Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dire news

The Schwabian council had just finished the days business when a messenger entered and handed General Leopold Tiberius von Flatsburg a report.  "Please give me a moment before this meeting is adjourned." The General opened the bag and read the report,

To General Leopold Tiberius von Flatsburg
From Brigadier von Fitzbach


I must report the failure of our forces to stop the occupation of Hoffmanns Farmstead by the Harzburgers. Though our troops were eager to fight the battle went against us. 

Our cavalry fanned out ahead of our infantry as we entered the field from the Zwilling-Eichen road. The Flatsburg Dragoons charged the Aubach Dragoons and routed them after a lengthy melee capturing their flag. The Furstins Horse went to the other side of the Farmstead and was engaged  by the Klineberg Dragoons.  They were bested and their horses bolted, no rider was able to control his mount and their standard was lost. The Klineberg Dragoons withdrew and cleared the field for their infantry. The Flatsburg Dragoons, having lost 2 thirds of their forces, retired behind our infantry.

The Adlerzwillinge battalion formed up to the west of Hoffmanns and the Muhlhaus battalion formed to the east with their 3lb gun.  The Adlerzwillinges were engaged in a firefight by Fenstermacher's battalion and the Muhlhausers fought Thalbers regiment.

Fuchs Jaegers flanked Fenstermacher's battalion to aid Adlerzwillinge in the firefight. Both line battalion suffered heavily but neither broke. The both fought till they were under half strength.

The Muhlhaus battalion engaged the Thalber battalion as they advanced.  When Thalbers got close the Muhlhaus battalion charged them.  Thalbers fire plus the fire from the Sansback converged grenadiers weakened the Muhlhaus battalion prior to melee.  Losing the melee caused the Muhlhaus battalion to rout losing their standard.  They routed through the Flatsburg battalion causing them disorder. Thalber charged them and routed them and captured their standard. Flatsburgs rout through the Furstins battalion and the failure of Flatsburg grenadiers to drive the Harzbach grenadiers from Hoffmanns Farmstead, forced me to order our forces to withdraw.

I am withdrawing to Zwilling-Eichen to gather replacements and draw up a defensive plan. I await your reply and advice. I have two infantry under half strength and two with minor losses. The cavalry is shot and must be replaces with new squadrons.

Your humble servant

Brigadier von Fitzbach

General von Flatsburg reported the news to the council and they debated the ramifications long into the night.
Finally Furstin Maria Athena called the meeting over, "Gentlemen, I am calling an end to this meeting.  Let each of us prepare a response to this defeat and we will gather here tomorrow at noon. Any objections," silence greeted her, "good I will see you here at noon.  WE are adjourned." 

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