Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Council meets

The Council stood as Maria Athena entered flanked by her ministers.  "There is little time for formalities, lets get to work," Furstin Maria Athena began the meeting with her late fathers usual call to order.  "Gentlemen the diplomatic front has opened up and the Bourbons will be very busy.  I have been informed that Sicily has broken free of the Bourbons under King Joseph. They join the Principality of Catalonia in tying up the diplomatic attention of the Bourbons. I am announcing that King Joseph of Sicily will be awarded the Cross of Flatsburg and I want a unanimous consent to the League recognizing the Kingdom of Sicily."

Furst Ludwig von Greifdorf stated, "Furstin, I concur with your decision and I urge the Council to recognize the Kingdom of Sicily."

The rest of the Council and Ministers added their unanimous consent. Minister of State Ferdinand von Adlerzwillinge announced, "I shall begin the diplomatic process and prepare a diplomatic mission to Sicily at once.  As we have more armaments than men, if requested may offer material aid?"

After all gathered had a chance to state their opinion Furstin Maria Athena called for a vote. "Gentlemen as I see we are all of the same mind, Minister Ferdinand, you may give material aid if they request it. I want you to see to the diplomatic anouncement at once. Now gentlemen we have many matters to cover."


  1. Clearly the Council and Prinzessin Maria Athena von Flatsburg have made a wise and generous decision...

  2. I look forward to their development. We must support each other in these times of turmoil with the Ogre of the North wishing to swallow us all.