Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heinrich Kohl writes home

Dear Mom and Dad,

It has been a busy month and I am now able to write you.  We have been scouting the Harzburg positions around the occupied Free city of Schwab-Flusshafen.  Their occupation and claim of ownership has everyone here up in arms.  I have been told that for the last 100 years Schwab-Flusshafen's neutrality has been respected by all sides.  Hauptman Fuchs lead us close and we were involved in a couple of skirmishes with the Harzburgs Jaeger Corps.  When we withdrew, we were all but encircled, Hauptman Fuchs slipped us past the Mounted Jaeger patrols and we returned to Muhlehaus with all our wounded.

Our time in camp is now spent training the replacements and scouting the boarder.  Hauptman Fuchs says that a battle is coming and we need to be ready.  Unterleutenant Reinhardt complimented me on my steadiness during our maneuvers, I feel that with the expansion of the Jaegers I will be promoted soon. I am sending more money to help with the spring planting.  Gefreiter Gruber has a young cousin in need of work as he is to young to join the Jaegers. He has been told that if he works for you that he is freeing a man for the Jaegers. This will let him help with the war effort and let him grow up away from the front. His name is Karl, he is 14 and eager for adventure.  Gefreiter Gruber hopes that being away from home will be enough of an adventure for him.  I told Gefreiter Gruber you could give him a room and work to keep him out of trouble, you did with me.

Camp is stirring and another day of training will commence.  It is mainly for the new guys and the rest of us look upon it as light duty.  Every day I feel more at home with the Jaegers and look forward to each new challenge. I look for the next letter from home with good news.

Your son


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