Thursday, January 7, 2010

Recruitment in Schwabia

The states of the Schwabian League though small recognize the need for a standing field force. As the leading state Flatsburg has raised a line regiment and a Lieb regiment that moves out when the Reich forces from the other smaller states is activated. The League must keep a field force equal to the field force of Harzburg. Each spring when the campain season starts the League must be ready to counter Harzburg's efforts to crush the League's independence. The smaller states provide financial and materiasl support. Their contributions of men and finances support 3 Reich regiments which have been releases from Imperial service and are expected to arrive in time for the new campain season. Harzburg has been quiet, but with the present conflicts spilling over the League feels that Harzburg will begin again its hostile takeover efforts.
The 4 squadrons of horse and 4 of light horse are held by Flatsburg. They are raised from volunteer recruits from the entire League. The 3 batteries of field artillery are also made from professional volunteers with some of the best coming from the Prinzapality of Greifdorf.

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