Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sad news from Flatsburg and Harzburg awakes

Prinz William Augustus von Flatsburg died during the night of 9 January. 7 months ago Prinz William suffered a stroke and fell from his horse during a hunt. Prinzessin Maria Athena, last legal heir of Flatsburg has with the aid of her uncle, conducted the day to day governance and diplomatic duties of Flatsburg. Her uncle, General Leopold Tiberius Flatsburg, recieved word of his investment in the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard by Reich Duke Wilhelm moments after he recieved word of his brothers dealth. Prinzessin Maria Athena assumes control of Flatsburg in accordance with the Act of Succession agreed upon by treaty with the Schwabian League and with support of the Emperor for the leagues support of the Pragmatic Succession. The Prinzessin will continue Flatsburg’s leadership in opposing Harzburg. Prinzessin Maria Athena's first official act was to send thanks for the award her uncle recieved and the offer of the Reich Duchy of Beerstein to establish diplomatic relations and Ambassador Graf Osterdorf is invited to pay an official visit.

Herzog Fredrick von Harzburg Has been waiting for this opportunity. With the death of Prinz William Augustus, a claim can be made on Flatsburg, as no mere girl can be allowed to rule Flatsburg. Either she will be deposed or forced to marry one of his sons for the time is now to seize Flatsburg. With Flatsburgs leadership gone, Harzburg can force the breakaway lands to swear oaths of feality to Harzburg.
Harzburg has long engaged in military operations against the the “breakaway lands“. Before becoming the Herzog of Harzburg, an oath “to crush the breakaway states and absorb them” is taken with hand on the HOLY BIBLE. Only after the oath is given is the new Herzog proclaimed to the assembled attendants.


  1. "No mere girl can be allowed to rule Flatsburg."
    In our Age of Enlightenment and Reason, many would view this archaic rule as obsolete: women rule great Kingdoms and Empires, nowadays. Prinzessin Maria Athena should receive a wide support from the League.

  2. As the legitimate heir and Head of State, Prinzessin Maria Athena of Flatsburg will also be invented into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard. Reich Duke Wilhelm has petitioned the Reichstadt to offer military aid to Prinzessin Maria Athena should she requires such assistance...

  3. Furst Bruno von Ursa of the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein sends the condolences of his realm to Flatsburg and in particularly to Prinzessin Maria Athena upon the sad occasion of the passing of Prinz William Augustus.

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein for Furst Bruno

  4. Direktor aus Sudkonflikt Josepf Haltermann has been authorized, with korrekt code ID: OIIIIIIIO to extend Der Direktorats condolence. As a result, all flags in Herrschaden have been direkted to be flown at half-mast.