Monday, January 11, 2010

Schwabian recruitment begins in earnest

TO: Schwabian League Council of Ministers
FROM: Prince August, Schwabia's Director of Recruitment
In accordance with my official duties, I must announce that the call for recruits to bring our forces to war strength has been put in motion. I expect the recruits to arrive for muster and training within 6 to 9 weeks. I am pleased to state that in preparation arms and uniforms are being gathered at a steady pace. The gathering and training of horses for cavalry, artillery and supply transport is progressing at a rapid rate. I am told by the Director of Supply that the magazines are ready to supply our troops in the field and supply any mobile depots that may be needed. I know that this is the first time Schwabia has mobilized in many years but the signs from Harzburg clearly show the the operations in the spring will not be the normal skirmishes.I am available either in person or by post to answer any future questions.
Prince August, Schwabia's Director of Recruitment


  1. This is excellent news! Direktor Haltermann will be able to organize immediate humanitarian aid to Schwabia in it's forthcoming engagements.

    Already, thousands of superior quality Herrschaden muskets, cannon and blades are assisting many nations to fight their wars.

    Direktor Haltermann knows exactly what to do...


  2. War is in the wind once more.

  3. Here's a likely recruit for you:

  4. Frankszonia will send several wagon loads of prime brats (no, we're not talking about underage soldiers, though that's a thought) and a few kegs of local wines (Ignore the charred over Gallian brandmarks on the wood).

  5. According to latests reports, the League's forces are outnumbered 2:1 by those of Harzburg: an intensive recruitment is indeed in order!