Sunday, March 7, 2010

Company patrol part I I I

The quiet of the river is disturbed by the arrival of mounted troops wearing green uniforms. Gefreiter Gruber softly muttered, " Harzburg mounted Jaegers. Slip back quietly and slowly and inform the Hauptman." Khol carefully slipped back to the gathering point and told Hauptman Fuchs of the arrival of Harzburg Mounted Jaegers at the ford.
Hauptman Fuchs eased foreword with Khol and joined Gefreiter Gruber at the observation position.

The Jaegers split up and began checking out the ford. Two of the Jaegers slowly entered the ford and began checking out its depth and firmness.
The Jaegers continued toward the center of the ford with the water rising to their knees and the horses about to need to swim. From the bank their officer called them back, "That's far enough men, the ford is still to deep. Get out and we will make camp for the night and let you dry your boots."

Having heard all he needed Fuchs motioned for the Jaegers to slowly rendezvous with the rest of the patrol. As they cleared the wood line Fuchs held up his hand and motioned for the officers and nco's to quietly gather around him. Speaking quietly, "The Harzburg mounted Jaegers are making camp on the opposite side of the ford. I want to send a message to those bastards they will remember. Sergeant Felson quietly send runners to the other platoons and have them double time here. Around midnight I plan to cross the ford and steal the horses from the mounted Jaegers. Sergeant Felson send your best scouts to keep an eye on the ford. Go back to your men and let them get some rest and keep quiet. Tonight gentlemen we pay back the Harzburgers."


  1. Oh oh. The looks like it might turn into the excuse Herzog Fredrick von Harzburg is looking for to re-open hostilities with the Schwabian League.

    -- Jeff

  2. With Fuchs Jaeger company and the Harzburg Jaeger Corps castings ready to paint the time nears for table batles. Untill then the pot must be stired lest it burn.