Monday, March 8, 2010

Midnight raid

Hauptman Fuchs quietly began to go over the plan for the raid with the officers and nco's of his company. He looked them each in the eye and impressed upon the need to watch over their men and not leave anyone behind when the order came to withdraw. With the moon high overhead Hauptman Fuchs decided that the time was right and nodded to Sergeant Felson to send the scouts over the river.

Fuchs silently brought the company to an over watch position and observed the scouts ford the river with their muskets and powder over their heads. The tension mounted as the company watched their comrades cross over to the other side and slowly enter the woods on the other side.
In just a couple of minutes that seemed like hours a scout emerged and gave the all clear signal.

Sergeant Felson crossed the river with Unterleutenant Reinhardt's squad and Jaeger Khol did his best to emulate his actions. He glanced over at his partner Gefreiter Gruber and was encouraged when he received a nod and a wink. He silently thanked God for these experienced men to lead and teach him. Once across the river the squad slowly advanced to where the scouts had taken up observation.

Having observed the scene Sergeant Felson returned to the river to confer with Hauptman Fuchs. Hauptman Fuchs directed one platoon to flank the Harzburers near their horses and the other platoon he would direct from the over watch position. Oberleutenant Bogenschutze would signal when he had reached his position.

All was in readiness as Fuchs awaited the signal. He watched the troop of Mounted Jaegers slept and two sentries patrolled near the horses. The darkness and quiet of the night was disturbed by the discharge of 2 muskets from the woods behind the Jaegers. "Up and at them!" yelled Fuchs as he rose and ran toward the sleeping camp. As one the Jaegers rose and charged into the camp knocking the arms stands down and pushing and standing Harzburger to the ground.

With the company completely in control Fuchs began to take a quick inventory. All the prisoners were searched and all papers seized. Fuchs ordered the men not to take the time to read just seize everything. He directed the horses and the Jaegers weapons be moved across the river now while a platoon would provide cover.

The saddles and blankets were ordered thrown onto the fire. With the fire blazing away he directed the Mounted Jaegers boots to join the fire. The protest from the Harzburgers was quickly overcome by pointing bayonets at them.

Feeling he had done all he could with the time he had Fuchs told the Harzburgers,"Keep away from the fords and we will not have to return. Tell your superiors that the League is vigilant in it's observation."

With that the platoon was ordered to return to the river. Once at the rivers edge Fuchs asked if everyone was accounted for and since each man was he ordered them into the river while their comrades kept watch from the other side.

Gathering his officers to him on the bank Hauptman Fuchs gave orders for a march directly back to Zwilling-Eichen. With the bright moonlight the company marched with the arms and horses of the Mounted Jaegers.
As dawn arrived the Jaeger company arrived at Zwilling-Eichen and Hauptman Fuchs directed that the men get a good breakfast, after changing into some clean and dry cloths.

He directed Sergeant Felson to get some sleep after stopping by the canteen and to order a couple of pots of coffee for the officers. Fuchs arrived at his quarters and sat at his table to begin reading the papers.
Slowly he read and organized the papers that had been seized. He steadily worked through them and finaly finished by the time he had drank his second pot.


  1. It seems to me that there is some sort of saying about poking a hornet's nest with a stick . . .

    . . . of course I can't conceive of why that old saying comes to mind after reading this post.

    -- Jeff

  2. There is also the old saying, "It does not matter if you throw oil onto a flame as long as you control when." The war is comming and everyone knows it. Fuchs ( Fox ) is hoping to sow caution into the minds of the Harzburgers and gather intellegence. It will also offer a valid excuse for a cross border raid by the Harzburg Jager Corps.