Thursday, March 11, 2010


To General Leopold Tiberius Flatsburg
Schwabian League defense forces
Fom Hauptman Fuchs
Schwabian Jaeger company A stationed at Zwilling-Eichen

Yesterday my company moved out to make a quick survey of activity at the fords in our area. I divided my 2 platoons to search the river six miles to the north and south of Smugglers Ford. They were to converge at the central ford where I awaited with a detachment of 2 squads from each of the platoons. Upon arrival an over watch of the ford was established by rotating the squads. The rest of the Jaegers camped behind the woods with strict silence enforced.

Late in the afternoon, Harzburg mounted Jaegers arrived and began to survey the ford. When the ford was found to be to deep foe wagons or artileery they withdrew and made camp. I sent runners to bring my patroling platoons to my position with quiet haste. A plan was formulated and around midnight my companies officers and I finalized the plan.

Scouts were sent across then with the all clear the company crossed the river. Once across My senior officers and I went foreward with the scouts and surveyed the enemy camp. Final dispositions were made then we returned to the company and began to carry out the plan. Since the enemy was only a troop of calvary we had both surprise and numbers on our side.

Oberleutenant Bogenschutze’s platoon was sent to flank the enemy camp while I would lead the other platoon in an assault on the camp from the river side. Once in position Oberleutenant Bogenschutze signaled and rushed the sentries by the horses and the camp while I led the assault on their camp. The Harzburgers were completely supprised and the camp was secured without serious injury to either side.

The camp and all enemy personel were thoroughly searched and all papers were seized. I ordered all the horses and arms gathered for transport back with us. All saddles, blankets, supplies and the Jaegers boots were thrown onto fires to render them unusable. Once all the task were accomplished the company recrossed the river with each platoon providing cover for the other.

Back on our side of the river I ordered a night march in the bright moonlight. My company arrived back in camp at dawn. After seing to the disposition of my company I retired to my quarters to read the papers. The papers break down as follows.

Letters to family describing the daily conditions of the Mounted Jaegers.

Letters from family describing the conditions of various parts of Hasrzburg and news from their region.

Leters to and from lovers lamenting their time apart.

3 leters from ladies telling the recipients that their attentions were no longer wanted or appreciated.

Daily rolls and reports on the troop and their mounts.

Merchants bills for the troop and personel

Reports of the fords from Smugglers Ford to 15 miles north

3 sealed letters from an agent in Schwabia covering different areas of interst ( letters resealed with the company seal and attached)

My messenger is ordered to await any reply

Hauptman Fuchs
Schwabian Jaeger company A

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