Thursday, February 25, 2010

Company patrol part I I

Sergeant Felson equipped the squads for the patrol with Hauptman Fuchs occasionally glancing their way as he instructed the squads Unterleutenants. Sergeant Felson let the Jaegers and their Gefreiters know in no uncertain terms that his orders came from Hauptman Fuchs and they would obey without hesitation.

Having sorted out the squad leaders Hauptman Fuchs spoke to the platoon leaders and sent them on their way. Upon his return he nodded to Sergeant Felson and he rousted the Jaegers and the march began. Sergeant Felson set a steady pace just as the Hauptman likes and the patrol covered the 7 miles to the smugglers ford easily under 2 hours.
Nearing the ford Hauptman Fuchs brought the patrol to a halt and directed Sergeant Felson and the Unterleutenants to join him for a quick reconnoiter.

Jaeger Khol noticed that when the officers mover foreword to check out the position the Gefreiter were directing each Jaeger to now carefully load their weapons and stressing that no excuse would be accepted for an accidental discharge. Furthermore each of the newer Jaegers were cautioned to remain silent so as not to give warning to any potential opponent.

Upon Unterleutenant Reinhardts return he ordered the Jaeger teams to form up. Jaeger Khol moved to the right and behind Gefreiter Gruber and stood at attention awaiting orders. Reinhardt told the Jaegers that their squad would move foreword and keep over watch on the ford till the other groups closed on their position. They would be relieved at dusk by one of the other squads and pull back to their present position and await the rest of the company.

Quietly and deliberately Khol followed Gefreiter Gruber into the woods. He could see the rest of the squad divided into their pairs advance in a skirmish line into the woods. Just before they exited the woods Unterleutenant Reinhardt signaled for the squad to halt and settle into hidden positions. Heinrich soon found the hardest part of an over watch was the keeping silent as the hours slowly ticked by.


  1. This looks as though it's heading for a nice little 'skirmish' game, am I right? Will some fool of a jager accidentally discharge his weapon, with the effect [a] of causing Sgt Felson to think maybe he ought to have insisted on cold steel only, and [b] of alerting the enemy?
    The tension mounts...

  2. Or will it be one of those "hurry up and wait" situations where nothing really happens?

    We await further posts to find out.

    -- Jeff

  3. Ah yes, the spine itches and the hairs on the arm crawl ... oh, that's just the ticks, isn't it.
    Does sound like a nice scenario getting together.

  4. Khol's tale will be verbal untill the old paint brush can get the troops painted as I cast as fast as I can. The Jaegers are cast and their opponents the Jaeger Coeps are just about finished so a skirmish is in the near future.