Saturday, February 20, 2010

Company patrol part I

Hauptman Fuchs called all his officers and non-commissioned officers to his quarters for a morning conference. He laid out plans for a search of the river for signs of incursions by Harzburg agents.

Oberleutenant Bogenschutze was directed to search the river six miles north and head south. Oberleutenant Schwartz was directed to search the river six miles south and head north. Hauptman Fuchs stated that he and Sergeant Felson would take command of 2 squads from each platoon and check out the main smugglers ford in the middle and wait for the rest of the company to join before heading back to camp.

Each man would be expected to march light and fast with 3 days rations and 60 rounds. No tents would be carried and each Jaeger and officer would sleep on the ground with their bedroll should the operation take more than a day.

Unterleutenant Reinhardt returned form the conference and had Gefreiter Gruber line up the men for roll call inspection. Following the inspection each man was ordered to empty their canteen and refill it with fresh water. Then they were ordered to empty their shoulder packs of all personal items and report back for an operation.

Jaeger Khol was quickly empting his pouch when Gefreiter Gruber looked in and calmly told him his belongings would be secure as 12 Jaegers on sick company sick call would be the camp guard till they returned. Heinrich’s relief showed when he smiled and hurried to rejoin the line.
Heinrich saw other squads from his platoons forming into line and getting their marching orders.

Sergeant Felson marched over to Platoon B and surveyed the scene. He could see the squads in varying stages of getting sorted out for the operation. He saw 2 squads ready for marching and went to Sergeant Kraft to inform Oberleutenant Schwartz that Unterleutenant Hahn and Unterleutenant Reinhardt would be accompanying Hauptman Fuchs. The squads should assemble at supply at once. Sergeant Felson then turned and headed to supply at a fast pace to complete arrangements before Hauptman Fuchs arrival.

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  1. Thank you. Breaking the text into smaller paragraphs helps a lot . . . but now I want to know what they will encounter (if anything) on their patrol.

    -- Jeff