Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heinrich Kohl

Heinrich Kohl listened to the announcement from the Schwabian Minister of defense calling for all young men to enlist for service in the militia or field forces. Those men who were necessary for production of food or goods would be placed together in militia units for local defense.

Heinrich received encouragement from his father and placing his belongings in a cloth bag he set off to do his bit to protect Schwabia from Harzburg. He joined young men from his area for service in the militia. Heinrich learned that only the best potential soldiers would be called to the field forces at this early stage of the conflict.
Daily the recruits are drilled and taught to carry out their orders. A dulling routine became apparent to Henrich. At the break of dawn he is awakened by bugles and drums. After a quick wash he is expected to be dressed and arranged for morning inspection. Then his group would march to the mess and be fed their breakfast. Once breakfast was complete the men would go for firearms training.

At this stage the men would lay their arms on the ground and listen to their training officer, then they would pick up their arms and go through the maneuvers without the use of powder or ball. Over and over the men would go through the drill. Place hand on ammo pouch, open pouch and bring out a cartridge, bring cartridge to mouth and bite off the end, prime the firing pan, pour powder into the barrel, load cartridge into the barrel, remove ramrod, use ramrod to ram the ball in the cartridge down the barrel, tamp the ball in place, replace the ramrod, bring musket up, cock the hammer, take aim and upon order fire musket. Heinrich was able to recite the procedure without mistake bringing words a praise from his instructors.

After weeks of training Heinrich Kohl and his comrades are inducted in to the Schwabian Leagues armed forces. Due to his hard work and display of professionalism he has been selected for service in the Schwabian Jaegers and has won the right to wear the green coat. Heinrich knows that he will be among the first to see action with the enemy. His father is pleased because only those with quick wits and professional bearing get into the Jaegers. A cabbage farmers youngest son will have the opportunity to see more than the farm.


  1. How about a "hat tip" for my flickr account, old chap?

  2. Nice illustrations for this story . . . and presumably we will read more of Heinrich Kohl as the war and story evolve.

    -- Jeff

  3. Good story line developing ... I need to keep being reminded of the opposition site too, btw ... (increasingly senior moments, if you understand, sigh).
    Anyway, I"m sure some Frankszonian merchants will arrive and offer to provide sturdy ceramics decorated in Schwabian themes (whatever they may be)and exceedingly durable sausages at prices which cut-me-own-throat ....
    All to reduce the inevitable costs of their mobilization, of course ...