Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fixing wheels

Wheels are the hardest item to get a perfect casting from. I have found that if you can get most of the spokes to come out they will provide the strength for the wheel. These 40mm wheels are easier as they are larger.

Step 1 find a likely candidate for repair.

Step 2 file the wheel flat on the rim and file a notch on the inside of the rim.

Step 3 cut a flat toothpick to size and cover with white glue and place one end against the inner spoke or hub and the other end in the notch on the outside rim.

Step 4 Repeat until all the wheel is fixed.

Use white glue as it gives time to get the spokes in and if a mistake is made it is easy to remove and correct. Super Glue is not I repeat Not advised as this is a hands on procedure and white glue does not try to permanently join your fingers.
Flat toothpicks are advisable as you can hunt for a section that matches the spokes to be replaced.

1 comment:

  1. While I don't do any casting, this technique can be useful for those of us who purchase a figure with a damaged wheel.

    Thank you of the nice little tutorial.

    -- Jeff